Swedport Invest Sa

Dear visitors of SwedPort Invest S.A. 

As you know, Sweden and Portugal had a good business relationship for many years. SwedPort started in 2008 when I Ulisses Dias sold my rental business in 2007. 

Our idea was to create a holding company for investments, consulting in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. We have over 23 years of experience in business between Sweden and Portugal. Our motto is - provide personal and professional support to foreigners who want to invest and need help. 

We have helped many Scandinavians to invest in Portugal over the years, both private individuals and foreign companies that wanted to establish themselves here. 

SwedPort has invested, except in real estate and land, even within an area that we have mastered very well, as are rental companies in various industries. 

Are you interested in investing in Portugal, the right time is NOW, as the country has begun to show tendencies to start journey out of the crisis we have had. 

Please check our site and you have a great business idea, you are welcome to discuss it with us.  


Ulisses Dias