Commercial Services

Swedport invest sa offer the following services for purchases of commercial properties.

Swedport Invest SA has a large selection of good properties through our network of contacts that we have worked with for over 4 years.

Most investments are made through banks, through executive sales.

We work with most of the banks in Portugal.


We work as follows

  • We will agree on what the customer is interested in
  • Then we search through our contacts up the type of property
  • We send these items to you for analysis
  • After that, we agree on a possible visit


Analysis of the best set-up

  1. We recommend that you check your financial situation with an accountant, or with our partners in these matters UTLANSDJURISTEN:
  2. Disposition of lawyer/accountant/bank/seller



  • Swedport can offer property analysis and property valuation
  • Apart from a fair valuation, these "banking properties" has an appraisal conducted by the bank, as the basis for any loan


Purchase acquisition

  • We can assemble the entire acquisition process if you wish. We have cooperation with law firms, brokers, accountants who speaks English, if necessary translations, we can provide them (we have certified translators)


Briefly about what happens when purchasing

  1. Buyer and seller agree on the terms of the deal
  2. We make a pledge contract
  3. Your attorney form or buy a ready company. It costs about 300 €
  4. Then the lawyer or notary makes a review of all documents (deeds, land registry, tax authorities)
  5. After this is done, we make the change of ownership with contract and payment of taxes. Eventual fees are paid to the notary or to the lawyer


Costs for purchase

  1. IMT is between 0-6%, maximum amount of € 574 000
  2. Stamp duty of 0.8% on the sale value
  3. Costs for notaries between 175 € and 300 €
  4. Costs for registration of purchase or mortgage € 125
  5. Any costs for translations, legal fees etc., may apply


Annual costs

In addition to the running costs, electricity, gas, water, etc., we have property taxes (depends on the county), which lies between 0.4% -0.8% of assessed value, 0.2% of buildable land.



Swedport Invest SA has experience in management since inception.

We use small business to various jobs, controlled by us that we have had as clients in our old company.

 When hiring, we can follow the standard missions as a pre-rolling company performs.

  • Liaising with the tenant
  • Receive rents
  • Payments of current costs
  • Submit monthly reports to our clients