Pensionair i Portugal is a project that is close to what SwedPort Invest SA have worked with for many years. 

We have helped many Swedes buying property here in Portugal, where it has been most industrial and office properties. Demand for apartments and houses from Swedish private individuals has increased significantly since Portugal made a deal (NHR status) with Sweden. 

Pensioner in Portugal follow what we do in our business philosophy, helping both businesses and individuals who want to invest in Portugal when the timing is right to invest. We have arranged apartments / houses for sales and rentals, and helped with the bureaucratic part. Pensioner in Portugal concept, is not that "uttering the items" on the assembly line. We are not brokers, but a company that provides customers with knowledge, help for Portugal for anyone who wants to settle here. We've been here since 1991, so we know Portugal good. 

Our best advertising has been people who told other etc.. We usually give our prospective customers contacts by those that we have already done business with. Visit our site