Who we are

Swedport Invest S.A. has had the same business philosophy since the inception of our business in 1991, when we moved to Portugal.

A little about us:

I, Ulisses Dias, born and raised in Malmo, started my first business at 19. My first business was to sell machines to Portugal.

In the early 1990s, when Sweden was heading into a crisis , we took , me and Cecilia Börrén Dias, the decision to move to Portugal, where we started with rental and sale of machinery , Euro Elevação .

The rest is history !

In December 2007, after 16 years , we sold our rental companies. Then we started SwedPort Invest S.A.  with the main purpose to buy properties and rent out. We brokered also industrial properties for old customers and international customers , whose idea was to set up in Portugal.

When the crisis, installed in Portugal 2010-2011 , we started to turn more to private individuals.

The price situation in Portugal has been very good for the companies / individuals who want to invest here.

We have undertaken this inspiring work, where we also have the pleasure to meet nice people.


Ulisses Dias